A New Semester at Akilah!


Monday was a special and exciting day at Akilah—the first day of the new semester on our new campus! We are thrilled to welcome back students after the holiday break, and we are just as eager to welcome 70 new Akilah students to both the Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurship programs.

The day kicked off with an all-school assembly in which students and staff gathered in our new conference hall! Veteran Akilah students delivered motivational welcoming speeches and the excitement was palpable all around. Members of the faculty and staff introduced themselves and together explained Akilah’s campus rules and community pledge. Akilah’s Student Body President, Annah Kamukama, also addressed the students and urged the entire student body to stay focused on their goals and work hard each day to achieve them.

The campus was abuzz as students looked up their classroom assignments on the bulletin boards. Our busy new campus already feels like home, with two new sections of Hospitality Management and one new section of Entrepreneurship joining our two sections of second-year Hospitably Management students to form a new Akilah family. We are excited to see how 2013 unfolds as new friendships are formed, new goals are set, and a new graduation is on the horizon.

Students gather on campus on the first day of the new semester


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  • Thank you for welcoming our family! Good luck on your new school year and blessings to all teachers, administrators and students! Love to all from the Abelman family

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