Information Systems

Akilah’s two-year Diploma in Information Systems provides students with the expertise to become tech leaders and innovators in global business. With an Information Systems diploma, students learn essential analytical and design skills and master the use of software systems to solve business problems with an entrepreneurial approach.


Akilah established a diploma program in Information Systems to close the existing skills gap and promote female inclusion in the ICT sector. Based on an external market survey to determine the skills required to succeed in the sector, the Akilah Information Systems program is tailor-made to produce graduates that can actively support the industry to grow to new heights of innovation and professionalism.

Through a hands-on curriculum coupled with an entrepreneurial approach, Akilah graduates are trained and equipped with the following tech skills:


Feedback from the private sector has shown that most companies have a need for software developers to provide innovative software solutions to their business challenges. Akilah developed a programming-oriented diploma that will equip our graduates with skills in multiple software languages, including Java, Python, PHP, HTML, and VB.NET.

Dynamic Web Development

An increasing number of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are seeking professional-grade online presences to promote their businesses. This means an increase in the demand for local web developers, a demand that Akilah’s IS students are equipped to meet via their qualifications to design and develop web-based database systems using systems such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, SQL.

Mobile Technology

More than 50% of tech innovations involve mobile device applications. Our Mobile Application Development course equips our students with skills to create mobile apps to solve local challenges, particularly within the Agricultural, Health, and Educational sectors.

Database Administration

Database administration is an important skill in the ICT field. There are massive amounts of digital information generated every second, and this information needs to be stored and managed online. Our Information System graduates are equipped to design, create and manage databases for business organizations.

Software Engineering

Our Systems Analysis Design and Software Engineering courses train our students to identify organizational and business problems and to analyze, design, and develop ICT solutions to overcome these problems.

Enterprise Computer Networking

As organizations scale both size and impact, their technological needs change and become more complex. Our students are equipped with essential networking skills to design and manage computer networks to strengthen professionalism and operations within growing organizations.

Server Administration

There is a growing need for system administrators to manage and support routine computer system administration tasks. After qualifying as system administrators, our IS students can effectively direct user management, server management, computer security, backup and storage management, troubleshooting and offer solutions for optimal use of the server infrastructure within an organization.

E-commerce & Cloud Computing

We are currently developing this course to meet the demands of East Africa's evolving cashless economies, where buying and selling online is gaining momentum. Cloud computing provides flexible resource allocation and sharing online, offering a conducive environment for accessing storage and software services.

Cisco Certifications IT Essentials and CCNA

Akilah has partnered with CISCO to equip students with hands-on hardware maintenance and computer networking skills. By the end of the course our students have attained internationally recognized CISCO IT Essentials and Cisco Networking Associate certifications, significantly raising their expertise and reputations in the ICT sector.

Information Systems Projects

Our students complete both individual and group projects that demonstrate their acquired programming, networking, systems analysis and design skills. Students are ultimately fully equipped to analyze and solve complex IT situations at any organizational level, individually and as part of a bigger team.


Our students intern for leading technology companies. Students complete 300 hours of internship, practicing their learned skills and acquiring more skills in the industry, linking academic theory with industry based practice.

Information Systems Careers

Upon graduation, students are ready to work as software developers and programmers, web developers, system analysts, computer network administrators, information system administrators, database administrators, tech entrepreneurs and leaders. An experiential curriculum and strong ties to the industry partners gives our students a competitive edge, prepared to successfully navigate a constantly changing industry.

Is this the program for you?

Information Systems students are analytical and like solving problems. They are excited about ICT and envision a career in computing. Applicants must have a diploma from a secondary school, a passing grade on the national exam, academic excellence, leadership potential, and intermediate English skills.