Tuition Payment Options

Table #1 below shows the Tuition Fee Structure for accepted students who plan to pay the full amount of tuition without requiring tuition assistance with Akilah’s Student Loan Program.

Table #2 shows the Tuition Fee Structure for accepted students who plan to enroll in the Student Loan Program, offered by Akilah Institute for Women.

All international students pay the same tuition of 680,000 RWF or $850 USD per year.

Do you need financial assistance?

Financial Assistance:

The Student Tuition Deferment Program, or STDP is a tuition financing program for Akilah students who are unable to pay 100% of tuition fees.

How does it work?

  • Students can defer up to 70% of tuition each academic year
  • Students are required to pay the other 30% of the tuition in two installments each year
  • Students must pay a quarterly Service Fee while studying at Akilah
  • Students repay the deferred amount of tuition plus service fees on a monthly basis for two years following graduation
  • If a graduate is not able to repay immediately after graduation, she may be offered a six month grace period before beginning repayments

For students on the Student Loan Program the structure will be:


  • The program enables talented students to access an education at Akilah
  • It helps to minimizes school dropouts due to financial issues
  • STDP allows students to focus on their education, rather than worry how to pay the entire tuition amount while studying
  • The program provides valuable financial training for students to master skills in saving, budgeting, banking and credit


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