Mobile Technology Empowers Africa’s Women

Despite huge progress over the last 50 years, African women still experience significant disparities at home, in learning institutions, in the workplace, and at a fundamental cultural level. These disparities translate into hurdles that prevent women from building a future for themselves and their families.

A Year in East Africa

2015 was full of incredible moments for East Africa and some moments we wished could be erased from human history. We hope to learn from the mistakes in the past as well as be inspired by the potential and ingenuity that is rising up in this region of the world. This is a snapshot of 2015 for East Africa.

Holiday Giving Guide

Give the gift of inspiration this Holiday season with gifts that empower. At Akilah we have the opportunity to interact with social enterprises and nonprofit organizations giving back to the world and their communities. This Holiday season we are sharing some of our favorite gifts that keep on giving from brands and nonprofits that empower individuals and communities. 

Girls’ Education: A Pathway to a Better Life

What Works in Girls’ Education, a new book published by The Brookings Institution, extols the far-reaching benefits of educating young women and girls around the world. In study after study, the evidence presented only confirms what many of us already suspected — girl’s education is among the smartest and most worthy investments a country can make. Why? Because in virtually all respects it leads to better outcomes for women, families and societies: increases in economic growth, women’s employment, wages and productivity as well as reduced rates of infant and maternal mortality, child marriage, and the incidence of HIV/AIDs and malaria.

Dancing in the Storm: Leveling the Digital Gender Divide One Woman at a Time

The Akilah Institute is launching the Code Confident Campaign, celebrating East Africa’s digital transformation. An education rooted in technology prepares Akilah graduates to launch their careers in East Africa’s fastest-growing industries. By joining our Code Confident Campaign, you will be supporting our Akilah students who are closing the global gender gap in science and technology. Executive Director Karen Sherman launched the Code Confident Campaign on Wednesday, October 28 in Washington, DC, presenting a panel discussion with speakers from USAID and GSMA.