Akilah’s Executive Director Blogs for the Council on Foreign Relations


Check out this blog post from our Executive Director, Lisa Martilotta, now live on the Council on Foreign Relations’ blog! In her post, Martilotta discusses the potential for impact that investing in women can have. “The only investment with the possibility of infinite returns is the investment in youth, and more particularly, young women,” she writes. Martilotta also explains the need for affordable access to market-relevant education, highlighting the partnerships that Akilah has formed with the Rwandan private sector in order to facilitate our approach to education.“We launched the Akilah Institute for Women in 2010 in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali, to meet the needs of both marginalized rural women and the booming private sector,” she continues, “Akilah set out to build a bridge connecting young women to the fastest-growing sectors of the economy.”


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