• 76% of students had no income before joining Akilah.
  • 84% of Rwandan women work in agriculture
  • 63% come from families with five or more children
  • 47% have lost one or both parents
  • 78% are from the first generation in their family to complete higher education
  • 55% of students come from rural areas
  • Nearly 90% of graduates find employment within six months of graduation.
  • Akilah students earn incomes that are 13 times the national median.
  • In 2015, Akilah received 870 applications for 212 spots.

Akilah works with private-sector partners every step of the way to design curricula that make sense in the current job market. Our internship requirements, career counseling, and courses in leadership and ethics mirror the curricula at top business schools, providing skills necessary for management positions. When Akilah students graduate, they are already in high demand.

Akilah Institute student at the mic

Happy graduate at Akilah Institute for Women in Africa


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