Mama Rwanda and The Next Generation Fund

Filmmaker Laura Waters Hinson and the Akilah Institute have partnered on the release of Hinson’s film, Mama Rwanda, to raise awareness of women’s potential to transform their lives through education, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

When women hold leadership roles within their communities, they make significant and lasting contributions to their families, communities, and the economy. Akilah has witnessed the exponential impact of educating female leaders firsthand. Three-quarters of Akilah students are unemployed before enrolling. After graduating, they earn, on average, 12x the national median income. Graduates then support family and community members, start businesses, or invest in their own professional careers. Leadership development leverages women’s productive potential – their energy, talents, and ideas – to benefit communities and society at large.

The Akilah Institute will be hosting screenings of Mama Rwanda this fall. Events will include a VIP reception, film screening, and a panel discussion with Akilah Institute and Mama Rwanda representatives and special guests. We hope you can join us for one of our special evenings celebrating the female entrepreneurs and leaders of Akilah and of Rwanda!

Los Angeles

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San Francisco

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Support the Next Generation Fund

Since 2010, the Akilah Institute has enabled hundreds of women to achieve economic independence and professional success. Given the overwhelming need for accessible and affordable educational opportunities for women, Akilah established The Next Generation Fund to scale the program and serve exponentially more young women.

The Next Generation Fund will enable Akilah to move to a blended, competency-based learning model that emphasizes women’s leadership, economic empowerment, and career development. Akilah will be able to enroll more students while maintaining the quality of the program and the career readiness of graduates. This model will allow Akilah to serve an additional 8,000 young women across East Africa by 2025.