2012 Social Change Projects

This year’s Social Change Projects have taken off and we are delighted to share the progress that Akilah students have made in creating change at a local level. Their vast efforts to improve their communities have displayed their leadership skills and their commitment to Akilah’s Community Pledge. Akilah Social Change Projects are a way for Akilah students to stay active in their local communities while embodying the spirit of Akilah by giving back in various ways. In previous years, students have identified a major local issue and designed and implemented a project to address the issue at hand (check out past Social Change Projects here and here). This year, students decided to partner with several local NGOs that already have structures in place to address local needs. Students are working closely with these NGOs to empower and educate their local communities in topics ranging from girl’s education, assisting street children, teaching English and spreading their entrepreneurial knowledge to local communities. Fourteen students are receiving Work Readiness Certificates through The Akazi Kanoze Youth Livelihoods Project, aimed at improving and increasing youth engagement in Rwanda. These students will receive 80 hours of training in order to earn their certificates. Highlights from this year’s projects include:

  • Akilah students with The Urukundo Foundation’s founder, Arlene Brown.

    The Urukundo Foundation: This group of students is working closely with The Urukundo Foundation to teach English to local mothers. They also focus on teaching these women how to write in their local language, Kinyarwanda. The group visits The Urukundo Foundation four times each month.

  •  Gardens for Health International: This group is working with Gardens of Health International to promote nutritional and reproductive health among local women. By working with Gardens for Health International, the group hopes to improve issues concerning malnutrition and self-sufficiency in Rwanda.
  •  Solid Africa: Students have partnered with Solid Africa in order to provide medical assistance at local public health institutions. Students regularly visit patients in order to tend to their immediate needs and help relieve caretakers of their daily responsibilities. Students offer comfort and care and have already formed meaningful relationships with these patients.
  • Akilah students helping basket weavers in Musanze improve their businesses.

    Seka Rwanda: This group regularly visits cooperatives in Musanze, in the North of Rwanda, where they teach entrepreneurship and empowerment to locals. They are currently educating the Musanze community on techniques to improve their businesses. Due to the success that this group has had, they have been invited to increase their number of visits to cooperatives in the area.

  •  The Rwanda Diabetes Association: Students have partnered with this local organization and have been trained in health sustenance topics and treatments so that they can educate others on how to properly handle diabetes. This includes promoting healthy eating habits to those affected by diabetes.

Other groups have partnered with Miracle Corners, The Rwanda Orphans Project, and Rwanda Outreach and Community Partners in order to teach entrepreneurship and empowerment to local youth, women and communities as a whole We are proud of our students’ commitment to improving their communities. Their involvement in the local society is inspiring to watch and we look forward to seeing what great things they will continue to accomplish in their Social Change groups.  

Akilah students with the group of women they tutor through The Urukundo Foundation.


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