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Position: Leadership Instructor

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Reports to: The Principal

Deadline for application: November 1, 2014

Ideal start date: November 15, 2014

The Akilah Institute for Women (Akilah) is the first and only Higher Education Institute dedicated exclusively to women in Rwanda. Akilah is a college that offers a unique model of market-relevant education empowering graduates for success in careers and leadership roles. The goal of Akilah is to empower young women by connecting them directly to the economy through business programs. Akilah compliments the relevant training with an emphasis in the development of life skills, leadership and communication skills. Through empowerment and personal development programs, Akilah provide young Rwandan women with a unique college experience. As global investors and business community seek to employ thousands of well-trained professionals, Akilah aims at providing them with an equipped workforce.

Akilah is searching for an energetic candidate for the position of Leadership Instructor. Akilah offers a dynamic leadership program for its students. The 3 year leadership curriculum includes skills building, completion of a social change project and career development. The Leadership Instructor should have experience in many facets of leadership; exemplify leadership skills that will be taught in the classroom and have a passion for training young women as leaders. The curriculum to be delivered is interactive and includes team-based activities, service learning and inquiry-based learning methods. The instructor should be familiar with these modes of teaching or demonstrate willingness to learn them, and able to follow lesson plans while adapting content for each classroom’s needs. This is a unique opportunity for an innovative teacher.

Qualifications & Skills
• Masters or Bachelors degree in Humanities (Leadership and related fields)
• A minimum of 2 years teaching experience
• Leadership experience in workplace or community
• Excellent communication skills both oral and written
• Basic ICT skills (Word, excel, PowerPoint, internet use)
• Demonstrated passion for working with young women, empowering them through education, an unshakable belief in their potential, and a commitment to the mission of Akilah
• Excitement about working in a vibrant and evolving start-up environment
• Extraordinarily resilient, positive and pro-active character
• Strong organizational and time management skills with exceptional attention to detail
• An engaging and collaborative leadership style with mature interpersonal skills and the ability to juggle and manage multiple, competing priorities and deadlines.
• Ability to adapt curriculum for cultural and situational relevance
• Understanding of leadership culture and professional expectations of companies in Rwanda, East Africa and internationally
• Willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue on topics such as gender equality, ethical leadership, civic responsibility, social change and human right
• Willing to engage students in many methods of instruction – individual and team based learning, small groups and large groups, etc
• Comfortable including visual, auditory and kinesthetic components into the classroom


Competitive compensation, health insurance, campus crèche, gym membership, generous PTO, 1 annual round-trip flight to home country