→ Akilah offers a radically different educational experience that gives students the knowledge and skills to adapt to a changing world.

→ Our approach is rooted in sustainability education, the transformative learning process that equips students with the skills, knowledge, and values to build a sustainable future.

→ Our model also emphasizes leadershipdeep learningcreativity, and moral character to ensure that students can use their knowledge effectively once they graduate.

Our Pillars

The Akilah Pillars define our academic model. They are present in every program that we offer.

Personalized Learning

We recognize that every student is different. Our adaptive learning model provides individualized pathways to success to ensure each learner achieves his or her academic goals.


We encourage students to enthusiastically pursue new ideas, challenge the status quo, and develop solutions for unmet needs. We leverage the latest technology and learning methods to craft an unparalleled learning experience.

21st Century Skills

We develop lifelong learners who are prepared for the jobs of today and can adapt and succeed in the careers of tomorrow. Our interdisciplinary approach combines subject matter expertise with collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.


We deliver a transformative learning experience that equips students with the knowledge and tools to balance vibrant economies with a healthy environment to create a future of abundance for all.

Ethical Leadership

We educate and inspire ethical leaders who recognize the dignity and rights of others and the natural world. We foster values that promote gender equity, civic responsibility, and environmental stewardship.

Our Leadership

Join our team!

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Our Vision for Scale

By 2030, Akilah will reach 1 million students through a network of campuses and a suite of new programs.

Our New Model

Since Akilah opened in January 2010, we have learned what it takes to effectively deliver our education model — the required resources, staffing, and support for students. With that knowledge, we are making significant changes to reduce our cost to serve without compromising the quality of an Akilah education. While we will continue to rely on philanthropic dollars, these changes will result in an academic model that is scalable.

By 2031, Akilah will operate a network of campuses across sub-Saharan Africa. Through a suite of educational programs, we will reach 1 million students and help prepare Africa’s next generation of leaders for a sustainable future.

Opening New Campuses

Akilah will open new campuses in additional African countries, with the option to study full time or enroll in our new Evening & Weekend Program for working professionals.

Blended Learning

Our new curriculum will be delivered in both online and offline formats. In their first year, students will spend more time on-campus in a traditional classroom setting. By the second year, a majority of the content will be delivered through online courses that are self-paced so that students have more flexibility.

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