Career Development


Akilah is committed to connecting our students to the workforce. From classroom exercises to after-hours events and trainings, Akilah provides the resources our graduates need to secure jobs.

All students receive personalized career coaching in individual and group sessions. Our Careers Team helps students evaluate their skills and interests so they can set meaningful career goals. Students work individually with Talent Advocates to improve their CV and cover letters, identify potential employers, and prepare for job applications and interviews. Akilah also hosts career-readiness workshops, networking events, and an annual career fair.

Akilah works with private sector employers to develop academic programs that reflect industry needs and demands. Our students learn the latest technology, methods, and practical skills sought by employers.

  • All students complete 400 internship hours in a course-relevant industry.
  • Nearly 90% of our students secure employment within six months of graduation.
  • On average, Akilah graduates earn 12 times the national median income.

"We give students exposure and access to all the job opportunities out there. But we also equip them to secure the job themselves through strong CVs, professional statements, and interview skills."

- Hellen Konyango, Talent Advocate

Career Assessment

Each student completes an in-depth career action plan that outlines their career goals and identifies the steps needed to achieve them.

Application Workshop

Students receive guided assistance in filling out job applications, creating a LinkedIn profile, and writing CVs and cover letters.

Interview Preparation

Workshops cover interview dress code, preparing an elevator pitch, sample questions and how to answer them, and the importance of confidence and eye contact.

Internship & Job Placement

Students are required to complete an internship to gain practical experience in their chosen industry. Internships provide opportunities to connect with employers and can lead to job offers.

Private Sector Partners

The Careers Team works with more than 60 employer partners and government agencies to identify new job opportunities for students.