Business Management & Entrepreneurship

The Akilah Institute's Business Management & Entrepreneurship diploma provides an in-depth understanding of how to bring a business idea to market and key business administration and management concepts. Instructors encourage innovation as students learn to make informed business decisions using data analysis, market research, and problem-solving skills. Students participate in startup competitions and graduate with the global business skills needed to establish their own ventures or join existing ones.

Career Development

BME students receive internship opportunities, workplace readiness training, and assistance with career planning and job placement.

Leadership Development:

Students complete over 80 hours of training in community leadership and design a Social Change Project in their final year of study.


"Before I enrolled at Akilah, I didn’t have an interest in business, and I used to fear talking to people I didn’t know. But my eyes were opened at Akilah, and I realized that doing business is really my passion. I combined my skills from Akilah with research I have been doing for the last three years on the market demand and availability of mushrooms in the country. I have been growing them at my small farm for both consumption and selling. I want to build my own factory, employing 100 people in my community."

- Pascaline Uwineza '17
Entrepreneurship Fund '16 winner
Mushroom Farm Owner

"I’ve really benefited from knowing how to conduct market research. We used it to decide a location for my business. I interviewed customers and even our competitors to see how their businesses are going, what makes them unique, what are their weaknesses – so we can improve before opening the business."

- Souzane Murekatete '16
Business Owner, produces and sells traditional Rwandan goods

Application Requirements

  • Submit an online application form
  • National exam results with two principal passes
  • Pass English assessment and interview
  • National ID (or passport for international applicants)

Academics: Bridge Program

Akilah's Business Management & Entrepreneurship Diploma is a two-year program that starts with a two-month orientation called the Bridge Program. The Bridge Program begins in July and prepares students for a successful transition to academic life at Akilah. During the Bridge Program, students will meet their instructors and mentors and set academic goals for their future education and career. The program is designed to develop students’ skills in English, mathematics, and information technology. The Bridge Program is mandatory for all incoming students.

Evening & Weekend

Akilah now offers an Evening & Weekend Program for working professionals and women with daytime commitments. Students receive the same benefits as daytime students, including access to career coaching, student loans, campus clubs, and extracurricular activities.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Akilah strives to make education affordable. We have partnered with CHANCEN International to develop a specialized program to help students pay for their education. As a student, you can apply for a socially responsible loan that covers up to 70% of tuition fees. Learn more here.