Akilah is preparing the next generation of female leaders and professionals in East Africa. Our leadership module cuts across all of Akilah’s programs, combining academics, career readiness, and personal skills through four main pillars: Community Leadership, Character Development, Career Management, and Business & Leadership Skills.

Our students develop the skills and confidence to build meaningful careers, whether that is launching their own business or leading others in an existing business. They learn to identify issues and develop solutions, to lead teams and inspire others, and to take responsibility for their actions. Students graduate ready to assume leadership roles in the workplace and their communities.

Social Change Projects

Akilah students create sustainable impact in their communities by using their skills in real-life projects. Our Social Change Projects target areas such as family planning, nutritional health education for mothers, small-business consulting services, English lessons, and income-generating activities for households.

  • The leadership module covers 512 instruction hours
  • Each student completes at least 80 hours of community work
  • Other Akilah leadership activities include projects on gender, women, and peace-building

Campus Leadership

Campus life provides many opportunities to practice leadership outside the mandatory academic curriculum. Students are encouraged to run for positions in Student Government and join student-run clubs on campus.

"My favorite memory at Akilah was during one of the Social Change Projects. My community needs me. It is important to build strong relationships with others and give a helping hand to one another in order to achieve a common goal."

-Anne Niyomubyeyi '15

“We teach the students to speak confidently, believe in themselves, take risks, and market themselves to potential employers. I remember from my own time as a student how difficult it was to get the right support in your studies and career choices. I want to fill in that gap.”

-Jacqueline Semakula, Leadership Instructor

"I want to use my new role to support my fellow students in any way I can. I want to be exemplary to them, someone they can speak freely to — someone who can be their voice. I will be looking out for their interest while also following my passion for leadership.”

-Parfaite Wirira, Student Guild President