Admissions Update: September Student Intake

Akilah’s admissions team has been working tirelessly over last few months in preparation for last week’s application deadline for the new intake of students that will begin classes in September at Akilah’s Kigali and Bugesera campuses. As of the March deadline, Akilah had received close to 1,500 applications! The overwhelming response of young Rwandan women, both urban and rural, who want to continue their education and develop their professional careers is evidence of a vibrant and growing Akilah impact.

Akilah sets high academic standards and the application process is no less rigorous. Applicants interested in attending Akilah must be capable of and motivated for cutting-edge and advanced higher education and training. They must demonstrate a track record of leadership, passion for their proposed major, as well as a willingness to become contributing members of the Akilah community and the nation overall.

Akilah meets with the Rwanda Women Parliamentary Forum, a partner of Akilah’s that provided advice and input on the admissions process.

Akilah meets with the Rwanda Women Parliamentary Forum, a partner of Akilah’s that provided advice and input on the admissions process.

In preparation of this recent round of applications, Ariane Karegire, Director of Admissions and Recruitment, and her team conducted widespread outreach in Kigali and throughout the surrounding areas, speaking on radio shows, advertising in local newspapers, and distributing flyers and application information to Akilah’s partners including local NGOs, associations, public institutions, and local education leaders. Akilah also held information sessions in the various districts around Kigali and received many applications following Akilah’s International Women’s Day events, which spurred interest among young women in the community who wanted to pursue their educational goals. “While conducting information sessions, we were warmly welcomed across the area by local leaders and the participants,” said Ariane explaining that Akilah has made a name for itself as a respected academic institution. “We also received applications from a number of young women who were at the top of their class in secondary school.”

Now that applications have been received, the admissions team will spend April and May selecting close to 300 candidate finalists to be invited to campus for a first-round interview, as well as the Akilah English and math entrance exams. In June, students will be notified of their acceptance and classes for these two Classes of 2016 – one in Kigali and the inaugural one at the new Bugesera Campus – will begin in September!

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