Financial Aid

Student tuition is $3,800 per year. All students receive partial scholarships to attend Akilah. Scholarships cover 85% of tuition in Rwanda and 92% of tuition in Burundi (please note our Burundi campus is currently closed). Students are responsible for paying a portion of tuition themselves.

Akilah offers several financial aid options to help students pay for their portion of tuition. Once admitted, students work with Akilah staff to identify a financial aid option that best suits their needs. With less pressure to owe full tuition upfront, students are freed of the burden of constant financial concern so that they may focus on their academics.

Scholarship Program





All students receive scholarships that cover 84% of their annual tuition in Rwanda. Students are responsible for the remaining tuition themselves. The Tuition Deferment Fund and Student Loans are available to help students cover their portion of tuition costs.

Tuition Deferment Fund



The Tuition Deferment Fund, or TDF, allows students to attend Akilah now and pay later. Enrolled students pay 30% of their tuition at the beginning of each semester, and defer 70% each semester until after graduation. While attending school, students make quarterly service fee payments, which are reinvested in the program to keep it running.

Balance is due in increments over 2 years following graduation. Grace periods are available for graduates who need more time to launch their careers.

Student Loans


Loans for Akilah students in Rwanda are currently under review and may be offered soon.