Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an age requirement to apply?
No, there is no age limit to apply. Prospective applicants need only a National Secondary School Certificate.

Are there any secondary school combinations required for admission?
No. We do not have any requirements based on the combinations studied during secondary school. However, admission is competitive and we look for English proficiency and the minimum academic requirement of two principal passes on the Senior Six National Exam.

Do I need to have an English qualification or certificate to apply?
No, you do not need any English Certifications to apply. Applicants take an entrance exam to determine their level of English fluency and their eligibility to enroll at Akilah.

If I am accepted, can I defer or postpone my enrollment until the next year?
No, Akilah cannot hold seats until the following year as there are limited seats available. If an applicant is accepted but is unable to enroll during that academic year, she must reapply and go through the admissions process again, even if she was accepted.

Can I transfer to Akilah from another university with my credits?
Akilah offers an innovative academic program that is uniquely tailored toward the needs of the current job market, thus increasing the likelihood of employment after graduation. Therefore, we do not accept transfer credits.


Is Akilah accredited?
Akilah is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Rwanda.

Why does Akilah require students to study for three years although it provides an A1 Business Diploma, which is normally a two-year commitment?
Akilah provides a two-year diploma with a mandatory Foundation Year. Students must have strong skills in English, Public Speaking, Business Math and Information Technology before beginning the Diploma Program  in the next year. Therefore, all students are required to complete the Foundation Year.

Does Akilah provide evening classes?
Yes! We are actively recruiting applicants for Evening and Weekend courses to begin in September 2017. The Evening/Weekend option is available for the Hospitality Management and Information Systems programs.



What is the annual tuition to be covered by students?
Student Tuition is 680,000 RWF

Is financial aid available?
At Akilah, financial assistance through the Students Deferment Program is available for students who are unable to pay 100% of tuition fees.

How does it work?

  • Students can defer up to 70% of tuition each academic year
  • Students are required to pay the other 30% of the tuition in two installments each year
  • Students must pay a quarterly Service Fee while studying at Akilah
  • Students repay the deferred amount of tuition plus service fees on a monthly basis for two years following graduation
  • If a graduate is not able to repay immediately after graduation, she may be offered a six month grace period before beginning repayments

For students on the Student Loan Program the structure will be:


What clubs or societies do Akilah students join?
Akilah students are encouraged to participate in a variety of clubs on campus. These include: Sports, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, IT, Ambassadors, Prayer, Public Health and Tourism. Students may also run for student government as Ministers in the Student Guild. Students are also encouraged to start new clubs based on their interests and passions!

Does Akilah provide housing to its students?
No. Akilah does not provide on-campus student housing. However, there are many affordable housing options near by our campus in Kibagabaga. Current Akilah students  support new students in finding and sharing housing near campus.


Where do Akilah Graduates work?
Akilah has developed strong employment partnerships with companies such as international and local hotels, tour companies, airlines, telecom companies, and more.  

Our graduates in Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurship have worked in companies such as Marriott International, Serena Hotels, Primate Safaris, Bourbon Coffee, Airtel, Cheon Kwang Engineering company, Creative Communications, Rwandair, Hotel des Mille Collines, Azizi Life, Mesh power.  In January 2017 our first first class of Information Systems’ students will graduate and launch their careers in early 2017. We are now in the process of cultivating relationships with new businesses in the private sector who are seeking to hire employees with ICT skills.

Is it true that Akilah provides jobs to its students?
No. Akilah works closely with the private sector and employers to design our curriculum and ensure that graduates are prepared to move directly into the workforce. The Careers and Alumnae Affairs Department recommends students with good academic standing for open positions in the private sector, but it is the responsibility of our graduates to apply for jobs and get hired. 90% of our first two graduating classes found jobs at the time of graduation. The Careers and Alumnae Affairs Department offers a range of services to students such as networking opportunities with the private sector, internship opportunities, career counseling, workshops and trainings such as interview preparedness and CV writing. This support helps students to be ready and competitive among other applicants in the job market.  


Why is Akilah an institute only for women?
The benefits of education and investing in women have been well-documented. Akilah has developed a unique academic environment that prepares young women to become leaders and entrepreneurs. We believe that we can have the most impact by offering this model in a female-only classroom. We are fully supportive of men’s education and we are happy to share our curriculum and lessons learned with other organizations.

What is the current student enrollment?
Currently there are 300 students enrolled at Akilah including 42 students from Burundi. 

Why is there a dress code at Akilah?
Akilah seeks to prepare students for their future careers, where they will be expected to dress according to certain professional standards. By requiring students to wear uniforms now, Akilah instills professional standards that will make it easier for graduates to adjust to professional life later.


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