The Akilah Experience

Akilah is a nurturing environment that creates space for student’s to grow and develop. We set high expectations for our students and give them the tools and support needed to reach our standards. Akilah is an English-Only campus, which means that all our courses, interactions, assessments and activities are strictly done in English.

Career Development

 The Careers and Alumnae Affairs Department assists students in preparing their future career from the day they arrive on campus. With ongoing career counseling, training, internship and job preparation, students are able to launch successful careers after graduation.

Group Projects & Teamwork

 Our classes are hands-on, engaging  and emphasize critical thinking and problem solving skills.


The use of technology is at the foundation of all our coursework, teaching and learning. Each student on campus uses a Kindle in order to hand in assignments and have access to class readings, notes and communication from faculty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Akilah is equipped with 5 computer labs of over 125 computers, all for student use.

Extra Academic Support

Students on academic probation receive additional tutoring and academic counseling.  In addition, Our English Writing Lab provides valuable technical support from our English instructors twice a day, 5 days a week to students seeking to improve their English skills.

English Fluency

Students’ English fluency is tested for progress throughout their education at Akilah using CaMLA—Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments. When our students graduate, they receive a CaMLA Certificate that certifies their level of English Fluency, which is a valuable addition to a job application.You can read more about CaMLA here.

Extracurricular Activities & Student Leadership

There are multiple opportunities for students to increase confidence and leadership skills through joining and leading clubs, being part of the Student Guild Committee and participating in Social Change Projects.

International Students

Akilah Institute for Women attracts and welcomes bright, motivated women from diverse countries throughout the East African Region and beyond. Students from Uganda, Burundi, and Kenya have joined our Institute, and the number of international students continues to rise.



Application Requirements for International Candidates

IMPORTANT: In order for international students to study at Institutions of Higher Learning in Rwanda, they are required by the Rwanda Education Board (REB) to receive a Secondary School Diploma Equivalence. Therefore, international applicants are required to contact the Rwandan Education Board and request their Diploma Equivalence immediately after applying at Akilah. The process for receiving the equivalence could take up to one month or longer and therefore applicants are encouraged to start the process as early as possible. At the time of the admissions interview, international applicants must show proof of this equivalence. Applicants will not be allowed to continue the admissions process until the equivalence has been submitted.

Other criteria include:

  • Submitted Online Application
  • Strong English skills
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Photocopy of Senior Year Report Card

Our curriculum has been created with the support and input from global experts in education. We continuously work to upgrade our curriculum according to international standards as well as the local and regional job market to give our graduates the best foundation possible. International students can expect high standards and a globally competitive skill-set upon graduation. 

For more information, please contact us via email admissions at