Admissions Coordinator

The Admissions Coordinator (AC) will play the instrumental  role of working with the Recruitment & Admissions Team to ensure that Akilah’s Admissions application process is well developed and implemented robustly in order to process a high volume of applicants.  The ideal candidate will have significant experience in data management, have fine attention to detail and[…]

Mobile Technology Empowers Africa’s Women

Despite huge progress over the last 50 years, African women still experience significant disparities at home, in learning institutions, in the workplace, and at a fundamental cultural level. These disparities translate into hurdles that prevent women from building a future for themselves and their families.

Holiday Giving Guide

Give the gift of inspiration this Holiday with gifts that empower. At Akilah we have the opportunity to interact with social enterprises and nonprofit organizations giving back to the world and their communities. This Holiday season we are sharing some of our favorite gifts that keep giving from brands and nonprofits that empower individuals and communities.