Akilah Net Launches!


Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Akilah Net, a new resource for young professionals and job seekers in East Africa.

Over the past five years since we opened Akilah, we’ve learned a lot about the state of the job market, the emerging middle class, and what employers in East Africa look for. With two graduating classes averaging 90% job placement and a fivefold increase in income, we’ve earned our expertise. Through deep private sector relationships, we developed a wealth of knowledge about the fastest-growing industries in the region — knowledge we don’t just want to keep to ourselves.

While Akilah Institute remains committed to women’s education and empowerment, Akilah Net will be a destination for young professionals–both men and women–living and working in East Africa. We cover career advice and business trends, interview the most interesting and successful people in the region, and every week share the best career opportunities in East Africa. Here, you’ll find useful articles on how to get a job, funding and fellowships, how to break into a particular industry, and how to learn from the best in the business.

Even the most modest outlook paints a very impressive picture of the continent’s economic prospects in the coming decades. People are living longer and healthier lives, investment is at an all-time high, inflation is slowing, and governments are stabilizing. At the same time, African cities are urbanizing faster than in any other region in history. More young people are moving to cities, looking for better jobs and better opportunities for themselves, their families, and their children.

The aim of Akilah Net is to connect this vibrant and ambitious emerging middle class to opportunities in the region, and disseminate actionable, informative advice on how to get ahead and make the most of their careers. We offer insider perspectives on up-and-coming industries that aren’t readily available online. We highlight the makers and doers on the continent — their failures, their successes, and what inspires them. Our section on career advice is like an online career coach, helping job seekers learn to market themselves, prepare for interviews, and ultimately, learn to get hired.

We are so excited to see Akilah Net change the way job seekers prepare, search, and connect with employers. As we introduce new conversations, share our best insider info, and build this community, we hope you’ll keep us on your morning must-reads!