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Akilah Scholars Circle

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By sponsoring a student, you'll join the Akilah Scholars Circle community. As a member, you’ll be matched with a current Akilah student and receive updates on her progress through the program. Benefits include:

  • Twice-yearly updates on your student
  • Recognition on the Akilah website
  • An annual briefing from Akilah's Executive Director, Karen Sherman
With a gift of $3,000 or more, you can
join the Akilah Scholars Circle!
Call us at (917) 719-3110 or mail a check payable to Project Akilah to:
Akilah Institute for Women
195 Plymouth Street, Suite 6/3
Brooklyn, NY 11201
You can also sign up online by making a donation of $3,000 or more today.

Enee and Steve Abelman
Amanda Arch
Martha and Ward Bailey
The Barrington Foundation
Jamie and Ethan Berg
Clay Biddinger
Thomas Biddinger
Janie and Martin Borell
Barbara Bryant
Lin and Jim Buck
Walter Buckley
Beth and Cody Davis
Sharon Davis
Anne and John DiGiovanni
Direction de l'Éducation Nationale de la Jeunesse et des Sports, Principauté de Monaco
Portia and Chris Durbin

Luanne Ferguson
Michele and Peter Faulkner
Graceann and Fred Foulkes
Susan and Tom Freeman
Joan Gherini
Vicki and Geoffrey Gold
Melinda Goodman
Theresa Havell
Karam Hinduja
Cathy and Joe Holton
J. Thomas Holton and The Holton Family Foundation
Betty Kadoorie
Bruce Lev
Lauren Lovelace
Gwynne Oosterbaan and John-Michael Maas
Kathleen and Chris Matthews
Meredith Milstein
Anne and Michael Moretti

Jean and Bob Mulroy
Elizabeth Rice-Maget and Henri Maget
Kat Potter
Karen Roberts
SageView Foundation
Luanne and Joe Sanders
Marideth Sandler
Marcy and Bob Shuck
Adam Tepper
Toni Thompson and David Amis
Lauren Richman and Joel Trachtman
Dr. Mary Kay Vona
Woodhouse Family
Sharon and Harold Yoh
Patricia and Mark Zilkha
Samantha and Scott Zinober
Sherry and Robert Zoellick

All donations made to the Akilah Scholars Circle are considered gifts supporting the broader mission of the Akilah Institute.
In order to best serve our students, we put your donation to use where it can be most effective.