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Our campus for female leaders, Akilah, opened in Rwanda in 2010. As East Africa’s pre-eminent higher education institution for women, Akilah graduates have launched careers in finance, clean energy, eco-tourism, agribusiness, conservation, technology, and more. The Akilah experience combines the Davis academic model with an intensive focus on women’s leadership.
Akilah graduates join a distinguished network of the region’s female leaders and entrepreneurs, facilitating access to unique mentorship and career opportunities, and changing the way women participate in the economy as innovators, technologists, and changemakers. Within Davis College, Akilah remains a unique and nurturing environment for young female leaders to gain the confidence, skills, and knowledge to transform their communities.
Applications to study at Akilah will open in November 2019.

All-Female Environment

Our all-female campus offers a supportive environment where students can maximize their personal and professional potential. They gain the confidence and agency to enact change in the larger world.


The Akilah Institute offers diplomas in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, and Hospitality Management. Akilah will begin offering bachelor’s degrees in 2020.

Our Diploma Programs

Akilah’s Information Systems Diploma program prepares students to innovate and excel in the fast-growing technology industry. Students learn to use software systems and build apps or platforms to solve business problems. Partnerships with leading technology companies, such as Cisco, ensure that students graduate with the certifications necessary to land competitive jobs.

Akilah’s Hospitality Management Diploma emphasizes strong English communication and customer service skills, which are key to employment in the industry. Students master the fundamentals of tourism, lodging, food and beverage, and event planning while strengthening their understanding of hotel management and human resources. Graduates have the necessary skills to move directly into management roles.

Akilah’s Business Management & Entrepreneurship Diploma provides an in-depth understanding of how to bring a business idea to market and key business administration and management concepts. Instructors encourage innovation as students learn to make informed business decisions using data analysis, market research, and problem-solving skills. Students participate in startup competitions and graduate with the global business skills needed to establish their own ventures or join existing ones.

Why study at Akilah?

88% of Akilah alumnae are employed within six months of graduating, and 90% of graduates are supporting at least one individual or family member financially. Since 2010, Akilah's diploma programs have equipped hundreds of women with the academic, professional, and leadership skills necessary to launch and advance their careers.
55% of students come from rural areas 0
75%of students were unemployed prior to enrollment 0
78% are first generation college students 0
93% student retention rate 0

Evaluation Criteria: English Fluency

In order to assess your listening, reading, writing, and grammatical skills, you will be asked to complete a series of oral and written assessments. Akilah is an English-only campus, and fluency in English is necessary to be successful.

Evaluation Criteria: Academic Excellence

We will review each applicant's national exam results to ensure that you have met our minimum standard for the national exams (dependent on combination type and the year the national exam was taken).

Choosing Your Schedule

All diplomas are available in our Day Program and Evening & Weekend Program. Choose your diploma program and schedule when you apply. The application process and tuition are the same for all programs.

Day Program Schedule

Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Evening & Weekend Program Schedule

Monday to Friday from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Dates to Know

The application for our 2019 intake is now closed, please check later this year to apply for our 2020 intake.

The Bridge Program begins in July and prepares students for a successful transition to academic life at Akilah. During the Bridge Program, students will meet their instructors and mentors and set academic goals for their future education and career. The program is designed to develop students’ skills in English, mathematics, and information technology. The Bridge Program is mandatory for all incoming students.

"The more I tell other girls to voice their opinions and make change in their communities, the more I understand it myself."

Sonia Rugwiro, Class of 2017, Software Engineer, MeshPower

"We are very aware that we are creating role models. Our students are inspiring other girls to take the leap and be entrepreneurs."

Stanley Mukasa, Business Management & Entrepreneurship Program Manager

"I was the girl who got the highest marks at my school, so I had the opportunity to go to many other universities, but I wanted to go to Akilah because I loved it."

Rose Muhumuza, Class of 2017, First Female Safari Driver in Rwanda

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