Big Sister Day

Big Sister Mentoring, part of the Akilah Mentoring Program (AMP), has officially begun! Through this program, Year Two students are paired with one or two Year One students for mentorship. When the pairings were announced, the students were ecstatic and could not wait to have their first meeting with their “new sisters”. (See more pictures of the announcement of the pairings on our Facebook page>>).

Big Sisters are responsible for developing positive relationships with their Little Sisters that will have a direct and lasting impact on their lives. They are expected to support their Little Sisters for one year through their academic challenges and any other aspect that may be an obstacle to their personal, academic, or professional path.

Program manager Irene Kagoya announces the names of the mentors and their mentees

Year Two students meet with their mentees at least three times each semester and submit a brief report about their mentoring experience to the Leadership & Ethics Instructor, Irene Kagoya, at the end of the semester.

Through this program, our Year One students will receive support in navigating the rigorous academic environment of Akilah, and learn to appreciate the values of the school. The Year Two students will benefit from this relationship as well by sharing their knowledge and honing their leadership skills, and will help to develop a culture of mentoring on campus.

This program will become an integral and longlasting institution at Akilah, and will allow students to pass down the invaluable skills gained here from class to class. Let the mentoring begin!

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