Book Buddies: Learning to Read Together


Today is Akilah’s second Book Buddies event! A partnership between Akilah and neighboring Kigali Christian School (KCS), Book Buddies pairs Akilah’s budding leaders with primary school students between four and eight years of age so that they can read and learn together.

Book Buddies was first held at Akilah on May 7 and was a runaway success. The staff and faculty of Akilah and KCS watched as the students of both schools fell in love instantly. The Buddies knew each other only by name, so finally meeting in person was exciting for everyone involved. Some gasped, others hugged, and a few Akilah students grabbed their KCS buddies for a quick spin.

The event brings smiles to everyone’s faces. Akilah’s principal remarked, “Imagine, having an Akilah student all to yourself for 45 minutes. It is thrilling for a child!”


Each time the students meet, they read a library book together and discuss the plot. They share love for reading and the adventures they can have through reading.

Book Buddies will take place approximately every three to four weeks.

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