Educating leaders for a sustainable future.


Thank you for joining the #CodeConfident movement to support Akilah's mission to empower the next generation of female leaders and tech entrepreneurs in East Africa.




Akilah women learn to code and build databases.

They study in our Cisco-certified networking academy.

They are learning to build technology solutions to local challenges.

Akilah women are driving Africa’s tech revolution.

By offering a unique model of market-relevant education, the Akilah Institute enables young women to achieve economic independence and obtain leadership roles in the workplace and in society.

Marie Aimee Umuhoza, Class of 2016

"Seeing ICT growing in Rwanda every day, it's hard to ignore all the possibilities for our future! My purpose is to become a role model for others, and become a living testimony of what women can achieve. One of my biggest dreams is to see a greater number of girls in the Information Systems field. One day I hope to establish an academy that will focus on helping youth discover their latent talent and develop the can-do spirit that I have. Akilah opened a door for me towards my dream, which is to see change in my society."

By 2025, the Internet will be Africa’s greatest catalyst for economic growth.

Throughout Africa, entrepreneurs and large corporations alike are launching Web-based ventures, from mobile health technologies and e-commerce sites to online educational content, creating countless new job opportunities.

Akilah Institute students are harnessing their digital skills from coding to building mobile applications, they will lead their communities and contribute to the global community.

Your support makes it possible for East African women to attend the Akilah Institute, receive a market-relevant, technology-focused education, and fulfill the job opportunities in the digital sector that are sweeping the continent.

Information Systems Courses at Akilah

  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Database I: Microsoft Access 2013
  • Enterprise Networking
  • Database II: MySQL and PHP Programming
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Engineerin