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On Business Management & Entrepreneurship

Akilah’s Business Management & Entrepreneurship (BME) diploma program is designed to provide students with the practical skills to launch their own businesses and contribute their entrepreneurial mindset to support the growth of existing companies.

Hear Akilah President Karen Sherman and Business Management & Entrepreneurship Program Manager Stanley Mukasa discuss the environment necessary for students to transform into bold businesswomen, and the challenges female entrepreneurs face in Rwanda, and around the world.

On Competency-based Education

In September 2017, Akilah will transition its academic model to competency-based education (CBE) in order to better serve our students and prepare for scale. CBE is an approach to teaching and learning that requires students to demonstrate competency in a range of concrete, measurable skills related to their major and is now a national strategy in Rwanda.

Hear Founder and Principal at rpk GROUP Rick Staisloff and Akilah's Chief Academic Officer Rick Daniels discuss the five principles of CBE and how this approach has the potential to revolutionize education and workforce participation for women across the continent.

On Monitoring & Evaluation

In 2015, Akilah established its Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Department, led by our on-campus Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist. The department collects and evaluates student data, measures academic progress, and tracks graduate employment and outcomes.

Hear Akilah President Karen Sherman and M&E Specialist Ashley Hollister discuss the potential and positive impacts of decision-making informed by transparency and higher standards of data.

On Scaling our Model

We’re excited to announce that Akilah is scaling its successful model to impact exponentially more women in sub-Saharan Africa. Over the next 15 years, Akilah plans to establish a network of women’s colleges across the continent.

Hear Akilah President Karen Sherman, CFO Pam Williams, and Director of Development Merrin Jenkins discuss Akilah's new business and financial model. They provide an in-depth overview of Akilah's plans for scale and financing growth.

On 2017: Our Year in Review

This year marks momentous change for Akilah. We've moved into a new campus with space for 3,000 students, launched an Evening & Weekend Program, welcomed former Malawi President Joyce Banda as Honorary Chancellor, and so much more.

Hear Akilah cofounder and CEO Elizabeth Dearborn Hughes discuss our most exciting year yet. She provides an in-depth look at our lessons learned and shares our plans for the future and vision for scale.

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