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Deputy Academic Director

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The Akilah Institute for Women aims to build future generations of women leaders and professionals in East Africa through the development of a network of campuses. At Akilah, we bring together promising female leaders from Rwanda, and East Africa, for an innovative two-year program that prepares them for professional careers and leadership roles.

Akilah students choose a specialized track in Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, or Hospitality Management. Our hands-on and practicals-based curriculum is developed in partnership with the local and global private sectors, and is focused on building the market-relevant skills demanded by the fastest growing industries of the regional economy.

The Position

The Deputy Academic Director (DAD) for the Evening/Weekend Program will work with the Academic Director to lead and ensure the daily management and operations of the Evening/Weekend Program in line with the Akilah Academic Model and Competency Based education. Must be available to work evenings and Saturdays. The DAD will be a model of Academic excellence within the organization exhibiting exceptional Academic Management and Professional Development of their Team. S/he should have a strong pedagogical background, be a clear communicator as well as have excellent organizational skills. S/he will demonstrate a deep understanding of the Institute’s Academic goals, projects and tasks, supporting the Academic Director as necessary. The ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about women’s economic empowerment and education and who will go above and beyond to make a lasting impact in the lives of East African women.  


Faculty Management & Professional Development

  • Manage and inspire all Evening and Weekend (E/W) Instructors to achieve a high standard of support relating to academics and the overall student experience on campus. This will include developing and managing the E/W academic calendar, scheduling E/W classes, and assigning E/W faculty to specific classes.
  • Work directly with the academic team to address any challenges related to the Bridge program and academic year trimesters.
  • Support the implementation of professional development (PD) training programs with faculty and work in conjunction with the Academic Instructional coach in developing and scheduling PD sessions for the E/W faculty
  • Observe and review and assess all E/W faculty, including regularly scheduled in-class observations, faculty development meetings, and student feedback relating to academics. Help identify areas of growth and personal learning plans for each instructor in collaboration with the Academic Director (AD).
  • Lead and support E/W instructors in building their capacity to design rigorous assessments and track academic progress for each student on a weekly basis as it relates to the competency-based education (CBE) methodology.
  • Assess faculty against student goals (or progress) on a regularly scheduled basis as agreed upon by the AD, including entering assessments in each faculty’s PD file.
  • Coordinate with E/W faculty to ensure coverage of all classes with regard to instructor PTO time and absences.
  • Student Support –  Including writing student letters, managing student issues, conducting student course surveys, class meetings, and any other student related responsibilities as necessary
  • Work with the Talent and Human Resources Manager to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations specific to E/W faculty members and academic staff.
  • Assist in interviewing and selecting new faculty to be hired to E/W program.

Curriculum Development & Accreditation/guidelines

  • Facilitate curriculum and academic meetings, workshops and planning sessions for the E/W program, including assigning responsibility for recording minutes,capturing work, and distributing the information to the stakeholders involved.
  • Collaborate with the academic team in making decisions on class offerings and content including objectives and outcome assessments.
  • Attend meetings with GOR partners as requested by Country Director in the absence of the AD.
  • Assist AD to ensure successful implementation of curricula with faculty and consistently analyze feedback from students and instructors. Provide feedback to AD on the effectiveness of current curricula.
  • Provide input and recommendations on how to successfully adapt curricula for cultural, geographical and situational relevance.

Other Responsibilities.

  • Work in collaboration with the AD to develop ambitious goals for E/W student performance.
  • Lead and collaborate with E/W faculty in order to implement a student support plan for all students who do not pass proficiency. Work to improve students’ outcomes so they are able to pass proficiency.  
  • Additional responsibilities as needed to support the Akilah 2.0 initiative.
  • Report to the AD on required academic and/or training materials in accordance with the budget.
  • In the absence of the AD, serve as point person in the local/global education community at relevant meetings and conferences.
  • Oversee a small team, apart from faculty, including  a lab technician and librarian


  • Proven skills and experience in planning, operations, organizational and financial management
  • Flexibility and willingness to pivot and adapt in a fast paced environment- a belief in a lean approach- learning from failures and mistakes as much as from success.
  • Interest in building the capacity of their team, ability to give thorough and constructive feedback, and holds him/herself to high academic standards.
  • Strong leadership skills and ability to think strategically.
  • Demonstrated ability to exercise both individual and collaborative decision-making.
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills, excellent oral presentation and written skills and able to manage multiple tasks at once.
  • Conversation to Fluent in Kinyarwanda


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution related to Education or related degree required; relevant advanced degree preferred.
  • 5+ years of relevant experience in Education management or Academic Administration, professional Academic development and/or teacher training. Private, public, and non-profit backgrounds are all valued. The ideal candidate will have succeeded in a high-performing organization and be eager to apply best practices.


  • Position is based in Kigali, Rwanda. Local hire preferred. Must be able to travel both domestically and internationally if required.


Academic Director


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