Donate your Kindle to Akilah!

Meggy Kindle

Have a gently used Kindle Fire that you’re no longer using?

Send it our way and we’ll gladly find it a loving new home on an Akilah campus with one of our students:

195 Plymouth Street, Suite 2/4
Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
Questions? Call 917-719-3110
or email

We love Kindles here at Akilah. They are a tremendous help to our students, significantly impacting the way we teach, learn, and spend money, on campus.

A key component of Akilah’s success metrics is developing tech-literate students. By using Kindles daily, Akilah women become comfortable with technology while enhancing their learning experience.

**Our primary need is for new, or gently used, Kindle Fires. We can also benefit from iPads or other e-readers. Please only consider equipment in good working condition, and also deregister your account before sending.

To buy a new Kindle Fire for $99, click here.


A recent campus survey showed that Kindles have a profoundly positive impact on students’ learning experience. Kindles have many benefits for Akilah students:

  • Usage of applications to advance English skills
  • Lightweight, no carrying heavy textbooks to and from school
  • Allow students to study at night without electricity
  • They cut our costs (shipping, printing), and help the environment!

Our teaching staff benefit from using Kindles for research and lesson planning.

It makes reading materials ready for me anytime I wish to review what I covered the day before or read what I am going to deliver to my students the next morning. I use the kindle as a teaching aid with some videos that students could be given sometimes in advance, so that they have an idea about whatever we are going to cover the next day.”  -Akilah instructor

Since we don’t have enough Kindles for every student, we are currently rotating them among students according to their class. Our goal is provide every Akilah student with a Kindle to enhance her educational experience. If you want to make a difference in the lives of our students on campus, a Kindle donation is the way to go!

Are you near one of our campuses for drop off? 
Rwanda: P.O. Box 5968 Kigali, Rwanda (250) 78-838-4412
Burundi: Rohero I, Q INSS Avenue de l’Aviation Nr 8 Bujumbura, Burundi

Coming to a U.S. event? Bring those kindles to us in: NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, or Tampa!