VIDEO: Get Inspired by Real Rwandan Entrepreneurs!

To enrich Akilah’s Entrepreneurship curriculum with real-world applications, we developed an eight-part video series featuring the stories of actual Rwandan entrepreneurs. Thanks to the hard work of U.S.-based volunteer Peggy Seltz, the beautifully edited videos we use in class are now available online!

Get inspired by the incredible work these entrepreneurs are doing in Rwanda:

Akaliza Keza Gara of Shaking Sun

Joan Mazimhaka of Illume Creative Studio 

Teta Isibo of Inzuki Designs

Charles Haba of Century Real Estate

Rosine Uwase of Blend Ltd.

Dieudonne Dusengumakiza of DD Avocado Oil Company 

Lydie Hakazimana of Drakkar Ltd.

Erick Webber Hatumamungu of ALTES Ltd.