Guest Post: For Enee, With Love from Akilah ♥

IMG_0330-001Author: Julian Nyagahima
Director of Student Affairs

Akilah students this week received sports uniforms, sneakers, and Akilah t-shirts from our wonderful donor Enee Abelman in St.Petersburg, Florida.

In addition to a rigorous academic schedule, Akilah students participate in many extracurricular activities meant to improve their English fluency and communication skills, build their self-confidence, and provide an outlet for creative and physical energy.

Athletic students compete in sports clubs such as basketball, volleyball, and football. Since Akilah started, our student athletes trained barefoot or wore whatever they could find. But this did not deter their spirit as they practiced and played, reveling in the moment and not focusing on what they didn’t have.

That all changed this week. The kindness of Enee Ableman along with several other loving supporters came as a great morale boost to everyone. Through their kind donations we now have students fully decked out in sports uniforms, looking fierce and unstoppable!

Participation in our extracurricular programs is essential to accomplishing Akilah’s mission of developing female leaders who are equipped to take on leadership roles at work and in their communities. We are grateful for the ability to create a fun and rewarding extracurricular atmosphere outside of class that keeps our students engaged and practicing what they learn in class.


One thought on “Guest Post: For Enee, With Love from Akilah ♥

  • Dear Julian and all my Akilah loves…
    You all are so wonderful and I am so touched by the beautiful story…..
    I say…..wrap yourself up in those uniforms after a tough day at the books…kick, run, play, sweat, and play….then do it over and over again… are strong women that will change this world….you will do it with mind, body and spirit……study hard, play hard, love hard. Know that I love you all and will do and pray for you in any way I can…..Hugs hugs hugs hugs…..Enee

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