How far does an Akilah dollar go?

An Akilah Dollar

Societies cannot grow if they leave behind women, who represent half their workforce. By providing a higher education to young women in East Africa, Akilah is closing the gender gap.

For the past five years, we have provided a quality higher education to future change-makers. We develop women leaders. Many of our students are the primary caregivers of their households or have families that rely on subsistence farming, earning less than $2 per day. These young women are eager to contribute to their communities and open the door to the future for themselves and their children. Akilah makes this possible.

As we double the size of our student body next year to 550 students, we have more demand for our programs than ever before. and we need your help. The impact of an education at Akilah reaches far beyond our campuses, meaning your dollar can too.

It’s so easy to make a huge difference in our students’ lives! Consider the impact of a monthly commitment to Akilah:

$50/ month buys lunch for one student—for  some, the only meal she eats all day.

$100/ month buys her textbooks and educational materials—plus a Kindle Paperwhite so she can study even when electricity cuts out.

Or for just $250/month, give the gift of a 1-year full ride scholarship to Akilah!

Every dollar directly funds the education and professional development of young women with the passion and drive to attend Akilah and graduate as leaders.

Please support Akilah students so we can build the future together.