Investment in Women Ignites Economic Opportunity in Burundi

Over at, a great story on how the Segal Family Foundation (SFF) has teamed up with Akilah to make a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action to prepare African women for employment by building the first-ever all-girls college in Burundi. According to the article by SFF’s Director of Operations Ash Rogers:

Clinton Global Initiative – a forum launched by the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation to leverage big names, big money, and big ideas for social good – descends on New York this week. A key theme this year is women and girls, as evidence mounts that one of the best investments companies, governments, donors, and NGOs can make is in women. It is well-documented that:

  • Greater gender equity in education access could lead to nearly one percent higher per capita GDP growth. (Council on Foreign Relations)
  • If women had the same access to land and farming implements as men, the added agriculture productivity would reduce the number of hungry people by up to 150 million (Food and Agriculture Organization )
  • When women have control over household income, the entire family experiences better social, health, and education outcomes, as women reinvest on average 90 percent of their income back into their families, compared to around 40 percent for men. (World Bank)
  • When women have greater representation in parliaments and private sector leadership, countries experience lower levels of corruption (UNIFEM)

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