Launch of Information Systems Major

Akilah is launching a new Major in Information Systems!

Our admissions team is currently interviewing applicants and will select 60 students who will begin courses in September 2013 on our Bugesera Campus.

cgi_commitment_seal_lgThe creation of the Information Systems Diploma was part of a commitment made at the Clinton Global Initiative in September 2012. CGI is an annual event held in New York City during which non-profit organizations, corporations, and social enterprises make pledges, or commitments, to specific projects and initiatives that make a positive impact on the world. The CGI team tracks the status of these new projects and holds organizations accountable to their promises.

Akilah CEO Elizabeth Dearborn-Hughes had the opportunity to attend CGI as a fellow (luckily dodging the normal $20,000 price tag for admission) and Akilah made this commitment to launch an academic program that is in line with the Rwandan government’s vision of becoming an ICT hub in Central Africa.

Akilah has committed to enrolling more than 500 students into this Diploma by 2016. In addition, Akilah will also offer weekend workshops to secondary school students who are interested in gaining additional IT skills and learning about the career opportunities within this sector.

111808_0869This major combines technical knowledge of Information Systems with a solid understanding of business processes to create industry-ready professionals. Upon graduation, learners will be able to utilize, maintain and manage information systems to ensure operational sustainability. All students will take the core curriculum of the Akilah Business Diploma including courses such as Communications, English, Leadership, Accounting, and Career Management.

The ten major courses include: Intro to Computing Hardware; Creating and Maintaining Databases; Operating Systems; System Maintenance; Networking; Web Design; and more. IMG_4230

As with all Akilah academic programs, students are required to complete community service in their villages and complete 320 internship hours.

Akilah is now forming an Advisory Council comprised of local and regional business leaders and experts in the IT field to assist with the curriculum development and provide internship opportunities for students.

Akilah is seeking financial resources to fully fund this program, including scholarships for vulnerable students, and the purchase of computer equipment and software.

Please contact if you would like to get involved with this new program or to sponsor a student scholarship.

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  • i would like to request you to allow me being your partner as well as now i don’t have job but i can work for you as volunteer well and good it is where i was born and reside now.i am writing this because it fits very well my professional background ,experience and career interests.moreover i had been the ICT Director for BUGESERA District since 2007-2009


    NSHOGOZA Jules

    attached are my documents

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