Marriott International Recruits Akilah Students

After a rigorous application and interview process, Akilah students received good news this week: 14 of our soon-to-be graduates have been accepted into training programs through Marriott International that are specially fast-tracked to careers!

Marriott receives a warm welcome to the Akilah campus

On April 24, Marriott representatives traveled to the Akilah campus in Kigali, Rwanda to meet the 14 applicants and present on the history, morals, and culture of Marriott International. The presentation was no-nonsense and thorough, but when tested on their knowledge of Marriott facts, our students were well prepared:

“Can anyone tell me when Marriott was founded?”                                                                                                                                      “1927”, replied Allen Kazarwa without missing a beat.                                                           “And who knows how many properties Marriott International currently owns today?” “Over 3,700”, Solange Dukunde answered with confidence.

Allen, Grace, and Noella show off their business plans before going in for their interviews

But this was just the beginning of the test. After the presentation, Marriott took turns interviewing each Akilah student, pushing them on their knowledge of hospitality management, customer service, and hotel property operations. The students even brought in something a little extra to prove their financial and business prowess: the business plans developed in their Introduction to Entrepreneurship course. The interviewers were obviously impressed, as every one of our students who applied for this training/career program made the cut!

Students play close attention during the Marriott presentation

After their graduation on August 17th, these fourteen students will travel to begin their 10-month long training programs at Marriott hotels in two Middle East locations: Oman and the United Arab Emirates. They will be working in the Food & Beverage Department, the Finance & Human Resources Department, and the Front Office Department. After the ten month training, these Akilah graduates will return to Rwanda to open up Marriott’s very first hotel in Africa (besides South Africa) in downtown Kigali, projected to open its doors around June 2013. Additionally, two other Akilah students are currently applying for a position as a marketing intern in the Marriott Dubai. We are so proud of our students and excited for this next chapter in their lives, as they leave the Akilah campus to kickstart their careers in the Middle East with Marriott Hotels!

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