Certificate Courses

Prepare For Your Professional Future

Akilah Certificate Courses provide high-quality education for a fraction of the cost of traditional schools.

Akilah's in-demand, competency-based curriculum is now available in six-week certificate courses. Reach your full potential in the workplace or university with courses in leadership, business English, IT, customer service, and more.

Akilah's courses are designed with budget-conscious, career-driven professionals in mind. Get the skills you need to prepare for your future.

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Why Akilah Certificate Courses?

Gain skills to be more competitive in the job market

Save time by focusing on knowledge you need

Learn from a curriculum developed by international experts

Develop strong professional networks in an all-female class

The Details

Each certificate course is six weeks

Students attend four-hour classes three days per week

Each course starts at Rwf 100,000

Courses are women-only

Course Catalogue

Business English

Develop your English reading and writing skills relative to business and academic applications and learn to communicate in professional settings.

Customer Care

Learn service standards and explore techniques for customer retention and guest satisfaction within a business environment.

Job Search Essentials

Identify the right career for your skill set, research employers, prepare for interviews, and negotiate a job offer.

University Readiness

Prepare for a successful transition to tertiary education with intensive training in digital literacy, English reading and writing, and leadership.

Marketing Entrepreneurial Ventures

Develop your understanding of product design and market research analysis, including problem formulation, research design, and data collection.

Web Development

Learn the foundations of backend and frontend programming and apply your new knowledge by developing a web application.

Mobile App Development

Explore the principles of mobile application design and development on the Android platform through a series of projects.

Emerging Leaders

Identify your personal leadership strategy, map out your career path, and discover tools to help you achieve your professional goals.

Competency-Based Education

Akilah Certificate Courses follow a competency-based education (CBE) model. CBE is an outcomes-based approach to learning that requires students to demonstrate mastery of specific skills and concepts, rather than memorizing theory or completing credit hours.

CBE is particularly effective for professional development because it focuses on what students know and can do. CBE gives learners an advantage in the job market as they can demonstrate concrete skills to employers.

Benefits of Akilah’s CBE Model:

Students move through the content only after mastering key concepts and skills, ensuing a personalized learning experience.

Every assignment, project, and test serves a purpose: to provide students with skills they can use outside the classroom.

Akilah collaborates with regional employers and industry experts to identify exactly what students need to know. Our courses are regularly updated to reflect current industry standards.

Akilah’s curriculum was developed by international experts in CBE and uses the latest learning methods.