Educating leaders for a sustainable future.

Akilah is a school of excellence for young women in Rwanda and Burundi. Our commitment to education that is relevant for the job market has earned Akilah respect among employers and our surrounding community.

Our three academic majors—Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, and Hospitality Management—are designed with input from our private sector partners to provide the skills employers 
are looking for today.

Akilah provides a supportive community so that no student struggles alone.
 Students enjoy an English-only learning environment that encourages teamwork, leadership, confidence, and passion. Students gain the skills, resources, and experience to graduate as leaders and launch meaningful careers.


Fundamental Courses

All students regardless of major take the following core courses:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Leadership
  • Information Technology
  • Introduction to Business

[one_half_last]Skills for the Future

Graduates are equipped with business-critical competencies:

  • Advanced English
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Effective Communication & Public Speaking
  • Tech Proficiency
  • Business & Financial Literacy
  • Problem-Solving & Strategic Planning