RaiseForWomen Challenge

Last month, Akilah was selected to participate in The RaiseForWomen Challenge launched by The Huffington Post and the Skoll Foundation. The Challenge ended last Thursday and thanks to the generosity of our amazing donors, we raised $49,493 for the Akilah Scholarship Fund! A special thanks to the Grant Me The Wisdom Foundation, which doubled all donations on the final day of the Challenge. RaiseForWomen Challenge

This fundraising opportunity came during an exciting time of growth for Akilah and the donations raised will go towards supporting Akilah’s newest intake of students who will begin their academic journey in September. Over 1,500 Rwandan women have applied to Akilah this year. Recently, 445 applicants were invited to campus to take the entrance exam and interview with a faculty member. 220 young women will begin classes on September 2, 2013. After three years of rigorous studies, they will receive their Business Diploma with a major in either Entrepreneurship; Information Systems; or Hospitality Management.

Applicants from across Rwanda take the entrance exam at Akilah.

Applicants from across Rwanda take the entrance exam.

With the amount that Akilah raised during the RaiseForWomen Challenge, we will have the Akilah blog featured on The Huffington Post’s front page five times in one year and Arianna Huffington will mention Akilah in her own blog post. In addition, as Akilah is among the top 10 winners, a Huffington Post reporter will write a profile of Akilah. We are thrilled to have this important coverage of Akilah planned for the coming months!

The support of our generous donors makes it possible for these young women to receive the life-changing education that propels them onto a career path. We are deeply grateful for the continued support of our donors and the lasting impact they are providing each and every day for the young women of Akilah. On behalf of the entire Akilah team and student body, thank you!

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