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Recruitment & Admissions Director

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The Akilah Director of Recruitment and Admissions (DRA) will have a unique opportunity to reimagine higher education for women in Rwanda. In a post-genocide era in which women have assumed significant leadership roles in both Parliament and a booming business community, Akilah is poised to develop the next set of Rwandan leaders. The DRA will play a critical role in supporting the educational experience of aspiring women leaders by attracting great young talent into Akilah’s three year program. Our dream candidate is strategic, analytical, a serious critical thinker, and detail-oriented. S/he is extremely creative when it comes to finding ways to identify places to recruit students from secondary schools, local communities, youth centers, partner organizations, NGOs, and churches. He/she is able to hold the big picture in mind while diving into the granular details. The DRA will design and support a comprehensive strategy for building partnerships so that Akilah can meet its ambitious expansion goals. The DRA will systematize our outreach strategies, build a year long recruiting calendar, devise systems using technology to support tracking students throughout the recruitment and admissions process. The DRA will manage a team of 1-2 members. S/he will work very closely with the Managing Director of Program to use feedback from our instructors on how students are performing and what kinds of profiles are most successful at Akilah. The DRA is expected to develop analytical tools to assess the quality of our students at different stages of the process and continuously improve our recruitment and admissions process with that constant stream of data and information.


  • Design a comprehensive strategy for building local partnerships with community leaders, local NGOs, churches, secondary schools, and youth centers.
  • Find ways to manage relationships with key stakeholders where they have several inspiring touch points from Akilah over the course of a year.
  • Engage our student leaders in building out a “word of mouth” recruitment campaign.
  • Identify “Student Ambassadors” and prepare them to speak in front of their former secondary schools, local community groups, churches, or youth centers about why applying to Akilah makes sense.
  • Find ways to inspire every Akilah student and facility member to identify high quality applicants.
  • Work with the Country Director to design and implement all aspects of a marketing and recruitment plan that communicates the Akilah mission and value proposition to potential students.
  • Create and manage an annual budget for a year long recruitment process.
  • Oversee the development of promotional materials: brochures, videos, and flyers and distribute to partners.
  • Design and help to place radio announcements and advertisements.
  • Develop a social media strategy to recruit students.
  • Work with our partners to host information sessions on campus and throughout Rwanda.
  • Meet with prospective students and families to provide more information about Akilah.


  • Design and manage a comprehensive admissions process: from application to interviews.
  • Train the faculty on how to systemically select top candidates. Ensure the proper use of rubrics and rigor throughout the process.
  • Administer and grade written exams that students take at the first step of the process.
  • For applicants who pass the written exam, invite candidates to participate in first round interviews with adjoining faculty members.
  • Collect ongoing data about all applicants to assess where the top candidates are coming and use that information to inform the recruitment process.
  • Review and improve rubric for evaluating candidates.
  • Work with Registrar to ensure that all incoming student data is readily available for input into the Student Management System.


  • Supervise and manage admissions associate.
  • Provide capacity building training when needed.


  • 3-5 years of relevant experience in sales, partnership building, relationship management, or business development. Private, public, and non-profit backgrounds are all valued. The ideal candidate will have succeeded in a high-performing organization and be eager to apply best practices.
  • Deep analytical skills.
  • Achievement oriented, comfort operating in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment with accountability to results.
  • Ability to effectively lead a team directly as well as earn trust and accountability from colleagues on other teams; collaborative approach to decision-making
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills, excellent oral presentation and written skills.
  • Knowledge of, and existing networks in Rwanda.
  • Ability to model Akilah’s core values.
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution required; relevant advanced degree preferred.