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Akilah's New Model

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Our Vision for Scale

By 2030, up to than 1 million girls and women will attend Akilah. 

Our New Model

Since Akilah’s opening in January 2010, we have learned about what it takes to effectively deliver our education model — the required resources, staffing, and support for students. With that knowledge, we are making significant changes to our model in order to reduce our cost to serve. While we will continue to rely on philanthropic dollars, these changes will result in an academic model that is scaleable.

Opening New Campuses

Akilah will open new campuses in additional African countries, with the option to study full-time or enroll in our new Evening & Weekend program for working professionals.

Blended Learning

Our new curriculum will be delivered in both online and offline formats. In their first year, students will spend more time on-campus in a traditional classroom setting. By the second year, a majority of the content will be delivered through online courses that are self-paced so that students have more flexibility.

Online Courses

Students will also have the option to enroll in the online program and receive certificates for completing various courses. Akilah’s online courses will bring our transformational content to girls and women who are unable to attend a full-time academic program due to other professional commitments, their geographic location, or other barriers.

Student Support

For young women who are unable to enroll in a full diploma program or live far away from an Akilah campus, our partner organizations will supplement our online curriculum with additional counseling, capacity building, or career partnerships.

By 2024, Akilah will operate as a profitable social enterprise funded by student tuition. 

Poised for Takeoff

A group of pro brono consultants from Ernst & Young have developed a detailed business plan and new financial model for Akilah to impact exponentially more young women. With our new model, we anticipate that Akilah will reach 1 million African female students and professionals through online course modules by 2030, and enroll at least 40,000 women across a network of eight campuses in East Africa by 2030.

Get Involved

Are you an impact investor that wants to be involved in scaling the Akilah model?