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Each year, one or two students are selected from a competitive pool of applicants to represent the student body. Our student ambassadors travel around the world to meet Akilah community members and share their experiences as students. 

2015 Ambassadors

Marie Aimee Umuhoza '16

I am proud that I was the first Information Systems Diploma Program student to travel to the U.S. to represent Akilah as an Ambassador. I feel strongly about changing the circumstances of girls like me, and this has helped me to have a positive outlook and a can-do spirit.

Seeing ICT growing in Rwanda every day, it’s hard to ignore all the possibilities for our future! That’s how I decided to study and enter the ICT field. But the decision to enter ICT was difficult because at first I felt that this not a field for a woman. This is what we grow up thinking! However, my passion and interest in technology only grew, as did my confidence. So I pursued mathematics, physics, and chemistry in my high school and now I am studying Information Systems at Akilah.

My purpose is to become a role model for others, and become a living testimony of what women can achieve. I believe that this will be so inspirational to many other young girls. One of my biggest dreams is to see a greater number of girls in the Information Systems field. One day I hope to establish an academy that will focus on helping the youth discover their latent talent and develop the can-do spirit that I have.

Rose Muhumuza '17

My life has been totally transformed since enrolling at Akilah. I used to have low self-esteem, but now I am very confident and express myself freely. Before joining Akilah, I was a very quiet person. I thought sharing my life experience was just making people have a negative image of me. One day, I shared with one of my instructors who seemed interested in knowing my life. It helped me, and l became free and social. My story inspires my fellow students, and am now my classmates’ role model.

l am ambitious about contributing to my community. My greatest ambition is to change young women’s mentalities that their success is inherited from their parents or gotten in their marriages. Women lose many opportunities due to low self-esteem and unknowingly, they are the light to the world. My goal is to promote positive attitude and build optimism in young women, and to give them a sense of direction and a hope for living.

2014 Ambassadors