Student Feature: Akazi Kanoze Training

Mary Urujeni (above right) on campus with classmate Nadia Kubwimana

As part of their Social Change Projects, a requirement for Akilah’s Leadership & Ethics course, 14 Akilah students will lead trainings and workshops in the community.

In order to prepare for their project, students first completed 80 hours of training and received Work Readiness Certificates through Akazi Kanoze in collaboration with Rwanda Outreach and Community Partners (ROC) and The Rwanda Orphans Project.

From Student Mary Urujeni:

We received training as facilitators so that we may better impact our communities as we begin our Social Change Projects.

During my experience in Akazi Kanoze, I gained experience in facilitation, a type of coaching, training, and sharing with participants to help them with a particular problem. This experience helped me speak publicly without being shy or self-conscious.

In Akazi Kanoze, I also gained experience in entrepreneurship. I learned about credit risks and running profitable business, business planning, and how to deal with unexpected costs in your business. This is important to me because it will help me in my future when I want to start my own business.

Another skill that I got from Akazi Kanoze is having confidence in all things I do. This means to avoid being shy, to be comfortable when I am presenting in front of many people, and to prepare content for all presentations. I behave well by valuing the culture of others, considering the ideas of others, and being open and listening to the opinions of others.

The trainers of Akazi Kanoze taught me how to apply for a job, how to be prepared for an interview, and how I should behave during an interview. Now I know that to succeed in the professional word, I must be organized and punctual. Akazi Kanoze focuses not only on education but also on hygiene, health, nutrition, and human rights.

It was so amazing and special because these different sessions inspired us, made us strong, hopeful, ambitious, courageous, and visionary. All of these things have changed our lives so that we will be able to help the world. We believe that many lives will be changed through this impact. We have already finished the training and now we are preparing to go in the field and share what we have learned.

Written by Mary Urujeni

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