Student Government Elections

It’s voting season at Akilah! Last week we held elections to appoint our new Student Government for the January-August 2012 school year (See more pictures of speeches, voting, and results on our Facebook Page>>).

Students gather in the yellow classroom to hear candidates give their speeches

We began by holding speeches from all candidates: thirteen students ran for a total of seven positions (second place for President automatically becomes Vice President). Executive Director Lisa Martilotta opened by emphasizing the importance of transparency and fairness in elections, and the students agreed to be democratic and unbiased.

Candidates Louise, Betty, and Fais give their speeches

The speeches were compelling, touching on subjects like transportation and lunches, and received many standing ovations! After the candidates had finished, students stood to ask questions: If you plan on being transparent, can we also count on you to be our confidant if we come to you with private issues? How do you plan on organizing student transportation? What other tangible goals would you hope to achieve as president?

Students react to particularly rousing speeches

The following day the students voted. Two polling stations were set up, and the students cast their ballots quickly and efficiently. To make the process more official, we had each student approve their ballot with their thumbprint.

A democratic and orderly Election Day!

After counting the ballots several times, finally the results were in! Please meet our new Student Government (from left to right):

The January-August 2012 Student Government

President- Fais Uwizeye

Vice President- Julian Kankunda

Minister of IT- Betty Umugiraneza

Campus Welfare Counselor- Nadine Niyitegeka

Secretary- Aphisan Nyiratunga

Yellow Class Representative- Vestine Uwamahoro

Green Class Representative- Joselyne Uwimana


The students were incredibly excited, and celebrated by raising our new President, Fais, up on their shoulders.

President Fais receives literal and electoral support from the voters

Congratulations to our new Akilah politicians!

Outgoing President Florence (left) and incoming President Fais