Students for Social Change

As the academic year draws to an end, Akilah would like to reflect on the many inspiring student-led Social Change Projects, which helped communities around Kigali in various ways. Through the course of these projects, Akilah’s students have proved themselves as exemplary leaders.

Among the projects developed and implemented by students were: Family Planning Education in Kacyiru, Domestic Violence Solutions in Kimironko, Changing Poor Attitudes Toward Work in Bumbogo, Malnutrition Solutions in Nyamirambo, Human Rights Workshops in Nyamata and Unwanted Pregnancies Education in Rwanda.

In order to successfully implement these projects, students conducted workshops on practical training and worked closely with local communities. Furthermore, students obtained training materials, such as project manuals, which can be used by fellow students for future reference.

All of these projects have afforded students the opportunity to bring the skills and knowledge that they have gained inside of the classroom to an outside setting. As a result, students have improved their abilities in project planning, implementation and reporting. In addition, their level of confidence has greatly improved. In the spirit of hospitality, students have created and maintained strong relationships with community leaders.

Through these projects, Akilah students are transforming the lives of their community members and developing progressive philanthropic attitudes- something uncommon in most African communities.

All this would not have been possible without the support of VGIF, our mentors who have guided the students throughout their projects, and the entire Akilah community that made this possible.

Alice, Peace and Jackie leading a small group discussion on domestic violence solutions in Kimironko

Students plant a sample kitchen garden at Akilah

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