Educating leaders for a sustainable future.


Students are in class from 8 AM – 3 PM Monday through Thursday, and take exams from 8 AM – noon every Friday. The computer labs remain open until the evening for students to complete assignments, access online learning modules, and apply for jobs. After school is also a great time to get involved in opportunities with extracurricular clubs and student government, catch up on classwork, talk to the campus counselor, or go to part-time jobs.

Extracurricular Clubs

Campus life is busy and vibrant with students participating in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Students improve their English fluency and communication skills in the campus book clubs. Athletic students compete in sports clubs such as basketball, volleyball, and football. Visiting public health experts lead workshops on issues such as reproductive health, HIV/AIDs, and nutrition in the health club. Student clubs on campus include: Ambassadors, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Health, IT, Prayer, Sports, and Tourism.


A trained counselor offers individual and group therapy that addresses post-traumatic stress and other psychosocial needs. Students on academic probation are required to complete additional tutoring.

Student Government

The leaders of the student government play a critical role in campus activities and operations, and gain valuable experience in campaigning, leadership, and managing responsibility. Akilah’s student government, known locally as the Student Guild, serves as the bridge between students and the administration. Through the efforts of their student government, Akilah’s young women now have sports teams, organized entertainment and, for the first time in the history of Akilah, a constitution.


The Big Sister program matches third year students with incoming Foundation students to provide support during the transition into the Akilah community. Third year students are also matched with a professional in the local business community.