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Talent Advocate (MindSky)

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About MindSky

Identifying and hiring top-performing teams was one of the biggest challenges the MindSky founding team faced prior to starting this company. Like most employers in East Africa, we struggled to find great hires, despite the hundreds of applications we received for every position from many eager job seekers. Conventional job boards and newspaper advertisements yielded plenty of applicant volume, but not enough quality. Recruitment agencies were expensive and didn’t always understand our hiring needs.

Hiring top talent is frequently cited by employers as the greatest constraint to their growth. Despite this, unemployment in East Africa remains very high and many job seekers are unable to find meaningful work. We created MindSky, a technology platform connecting job seekers and employers, to address this disconnect in the job market.

MindSky functions as a smarter job board. Employers advertise their jobs on MindSky, but unlike a traditional job board, MindSky pre-screens for quality. Because our job board is for MindSky members only, all applicants must pass our standardized soft skills assessment to gain access to our job board. The result is a smaller, higher-quality talent pool for the employer to choose from. MindSky is free for job seekers; all they have to do is apply for membership!

Your Role

Talent Advocates are at the heart of the MindSky recruitment process. You will be joining a small team of rockstar advocates and managing a portfolio of hundreds of MindSky Members. Talent Advocates own our most important relationships, working one-on-one with Members to reflect their experience and ensure the right fit with the right employer. Talent Advocates also own the fulfillment process for Rwanda’s top employers, providing them with the best applications for their open positions. A Talent Advocate at MindSky is a jack-of-all-trades, encompassing the duties of an Account Manager, Product Manager, Trainer, Counselor, etc. You will drive our mission and make an impact on Rwanda’s overall job market.

Talent Management

  • Proactively recruit new users to join MindSky and leverage networks and relationships within the Kigali professional community to increase the number of job applicants and members.
  • Manage our marquis relationships, identifying and recruiting these top notch individuals for our most demanding roles, utilizing LinkedIn, and developing other creative strategies.
  • Record and provide strategic analysis of large amounts of data, becoming an expert in MindSky systems, which include both Salesforce and WordPress.
  • Seek out and identify new talent pipelines, maintain relationships with existing talent pipelines, and book presentations at universities, career fairs, and other audiences.

Screening & Interviewing

  • Use our carefully developed screening rubric and tested methodology to evaluate and assess job applicants assigned to your account.
  • Ensure fidelity and consistency with the screening rubric across entire evaluation process.
  • Review application materials for each job and ensure a match, while providing feedback to your members on how they can improve, providing training when necessary.
  • Use sales and advanced persuasion strategies to push Members to meet deadlines, maintaining quick turnaround times and ensuring delivery of Employer fulfillment needs.

Skills and Qualifications

  • 3+ years of proven experience in human resource management, talent management, or teaching/training. Experience working with large client base preferred.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills required. Your application materials to MindSky should be polished and professional.
  • Must be extremely organized and have the ability to multitask. This is a very fast-paced environment. We are a startup, and the pace of startup life should energize, not intimidate, you.
  • Positive and energetic; a natural people person. Your managers and colleagues will share feedback openly with you, so you must be able to take constructive criticism well, in order to learn and grow.
  • Extremely detail-oriented. Mistakes in your cover letter and/or CV will seriously compromise your application.
  • Experience managing multiple projects and delivering on tight deadlines. Prior project management experience is desirable. We take client service seriously. Therefore, our deadline-driven culture is ingrained and absolute.
  • Passionate about workforce development and creating career connections and opportunities. 
  • Exceptional networking and relationship-building skills. Ability to inspire and motivate young people looking for jobs.
  • Metrics orientation, ability to work with data, and willingness to track results, activities, and outreach using Salesforce.
  • Team player, self-motivated, efficient, intellectually curious, flexible, reliable.
  • Must take initiative without constant supervision.
  • Easily adapt to rapidly changing environment and demands.

Benefits and Perks

  • Very flexible and young work environment.
  • Unlimited vacation — we treat you like an adult. Just get your work done!
  • Fun startup culture.

Application Instructions

Ready to join our team? Log in or create an account on MindSky ( and apply for this position on the MindSky job board.