The 2014 Student Guild is Sworn In

IMG_1014Friday was a very important day on campus as Akilah students participated in their first swearing-in ceremony of Cabinet Ministers into the Student Guild. The ceremony included candle lighting, recitation of the oath of office, entertainment provided by the Drama Club and gifts courtesy of Akilah supporters Frances and Hannah Keischnick. Country Director Aline Kabanda described the ceremony as “beautiful and emotional”, the culmination of an intensive three-week process of application, campaigning, and voting that embodies Akilah’s vision of developing leaders who create change for themselves:

Even before they were sworn in, I could already see the President and Ministers of the Student Guild taking on responsibility and involving themselves in campus decisions. They want to leave a legacy. They want, after their year of service, for people to be able to see the changes they made. Especially now, at this stage of growth for Akilah, we really need students to be involved in helping us achieve our mission.

Student-driven campus life is at the heart of Akilah’s model, which emphasizes leadership in all aspects of academics and school programs. Students not only take courses in leadership, but must practice it in action. As Director of Student Affairs Julian Nyagahima puts it:

Leadership has to come from the grassroots. Today is doubly significant for us because these students are learning to become leaders in a democratic manner. They campaigned, they voted amongst themselves, and now they are getting sworn in knowing full-well their substantial responsibilities.

Congratulations to the Cabinet Ministers of the 2014 Student Guild!

  • Guild President – Sandrine Umuhoza
  • Vice President – Assumpta Umwari Iradukunda
  • Guild Speaker — Donna Kayitesi
  • Finance Minister & Guild Secretary – Eriano Christelle Ashimwe
  • Minister of Entertainment – Laure Darlene Karamutsa
  • Deputy Minister of Entertainment – Mukakalisa Stella
  • Minister of Education, Career & Discipline – Cynthia Kanamugire
  • Deputy Ministery of Education, Career & Discipline – Ornella Rushingabigwi
  • Minister of External Relations – Claudine Mukabaramba
  • Minister of Sports – Cyiza Joselyne Uwizeye
  • Deputy Minister of Sports — Honorine Uwanyiringira
  • Minister of Health and Environment – Gisele Nida Iraguha
  • Minister of Holistic Affairs – Christine Umurangamirwa
  • Minister of Information & Communication – Lydia Uwimbabazi
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