The Akilah Impact

This week, Akilah officially launched its holiday campaign, centered on the Akilah Impact—the phenomenon that describes the impact that Akilah is having on its students, who in turn create lasting change for their families, communities, and country. The ripple effect of the Akilah Impact allows Akilah to impact young women who have a real, tangible impact on their nation.

Student Nadine Niyitegeka (second from right) poses with her family that supports her decision to pursue her education at Akilah.

We have witnessed this phenomenon among Akilah students over the past three years, extending far beyond the parameters of our campus. The Akilah Impact is the personal impact these young women experience as they increase their confidence and expand their knowledge through education. It is the impact that students have when they bring home paychecks from their first jobs and can lift their families from poverty. It is the impact that students have on disadvantaged populations within their communities, like the elderly and orphans, through their Social Change Projects. And finally, it is the impact on Rwanda as they launch careers and businesses that will upgrade the private sector, create more jobs, and inspire economic prosperity on a national level.

Recent graduate Anita Umutoni displays handbags created by AniFlo Standard, a company she co-founded with Akilah graduate Florence Mukundwa.

The Akilah Impact can be seen in each young woman on campus, as well as in Akilah alumni who recently graduated and are now spreading the impact throughout the local and global business communities. Take Nadine as an example. Nadine raises money for a local orphanage in order to provide children with food, clothing, and sanitary supplies. Or her fellow Akilah graduates, Anita and Florence, who joined together to launch AniFlo Standard during their final year at Akilah—a company that employs local women to produce and sell handmade crafts.

Student Cecile Musanase stands in her homeroom.

The Akilah Impact can be seen in students like Grace, who started her own clothing business as a means to put herself through school, and students like Cecil, who is sponsoring her younger siblings’ education while also a fulltime student in order to provide her family with the benefits of education. Furthermore, the impact is seen daily in our student body, whether they are uniting to raise money for a classmate in need or embarking on their Leadership requirements. Akilah truly brings to life the saying, “when you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”

We are committed to replicating our model of education around the region so that the Akilah Impact is multiplied and amplified across thousands of young women in East African communities. The Akilah Institute for Women is celebrating 3 years of success – we couldn’t do anything without the generosity and spirit of our donor and investor community. Now entering our 4th year, we need your help! Contribute to the Akilah Scholarship Fund and make an investment not only in the life of a young woman, but in the Akilah Impact, which will continue to transform lives and communities across East Africa.

Grace Mutoni, Constance Mukarubuga, and Darlene Mageza on Big Sister Day 2012.

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