The Fourth Annual Metropolitan Safari Begins

Akilah students, Cecile and Julian, are in the US to meet supporters during the 4th annual Metropolitan Safari fundraising tour.

Jon O. Freeman, Founder and President of Stonecrest Managers, hosted the first event in Santa Clara, California.  The evening raised a total of $30,000 for the Akilah scholarship fund, including a $10,000 gift from Stonecrest!

DSCN1258[1]Our top Boston supporters joined us for a special evening at the African-American History Museum. Executives from Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Bonnie Weiss of Child Relief International, and Akilah board members Carmen Nibigira, Michael Fairbanks, and Rick Daniels spent the evening. Clet Niyikiza, a member of the Rwandan Presidential Advisory Council, spoke about the importance of education for young Rwandan women, and the incredible impact the Akilah women have on their communities.

Cecile, 22, lost her father in the 1994 genocide and struggled to pay school fees for herself and her five siblings. Today, she works as a journalist and radio host while studying at Akilah and uses her salary to fund the education of her younger siblings. Julian, whose family was driven out of a refugee camp, finally made it back to Rwanda in 1996 after the genocide. This is their first journey to the United States. Learn more about Cecile and Julian.

Metropolitan Safari’s next stops: Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC, and Tampa.Oct1Event-(14-of-14)

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