The Launch of Akilah Tours

Over the past week, Akilah Tours welcomed its first ever visitors! The company, run by two Akilah students, planned a culturally enriching itinerary for the two guests. Highlights of the trip included visits to Volcanoes National Park to visit the golden monkeys and a journey to Akagera to observe the natural beauty and wildlife of Rwanda, as well as a night spent enjoying the serenity of Lake Kivu. In addition, the company was able to organize opportunities for the two visitors to meet with various nonprofit organizations, such as Women for Women International, Garden in Health and Search for Common Ground. The two even managed to squeeze in a visit to the Akilah Campus. The company managers, Grace and Fais, both advanced year students, had a blast planning the trip! The girls had been hard at work organizing every detail of the trip in the weeks prior their clients’ arrival and were eager to welcome their first guests. They both proved themselves as natural leaders and experts in the hospitality and customer care industry. Their first taste of hands-on exposure to the world of tourism was an invaluable learning experience, and we are sure that they will continue to excel through Akilah Tours.

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