This year, we’re grateful for you.

This year, we’re sharing what we’re thankful for…

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I’m thankful for how Akilah students and staff welcomed me with open arms and hearts. Thanks to this opportunity, I have discovered my deep passion for teaching. Although I will be missing my family in America this Thanksgiving, I will still be surrounded by people who love and accept me, and for that I am thankful!

Breanna Ribeiro, Fulbright Fellow & Teaching Assistant

I am truly grateful for the students under my guidance and care. They have opened my eyes to the beauty of my role as an instructor and watching them grow is sincerely something to be grateful for everyday. 

Samiah Millycent, English Instructor

I am so thankful that the Akilah Burundi students have been able to continue studying here at Akilah Rwanda after the closure of their campus due to the turmoil in Burundi.

Christian Muhawenimana, Teaching Fellow

I am grateful that faculty, staff and students are encouraged to try new things and are given support to make those ideas successful through team work, trial and error.

Jessica Lane, Recruitment & Admissions Director

I am grateful that our students from Burundi have arrived safely and with abundant energy and smiles, that everyone at Akilah makes the time to say good morning and ask how you’re doing, and that we have some of our own Akilah graduates now working with us as colleagues.

Shirin Shabdin, Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development

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