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Defer Tuition

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The generosity of our donors covers most of the costs of attending Akilah. Students are responsible for paying a small portion of tuition themselves.

Students who take responsibility for their future by actively investing in their education contribute to a more active and engaged student body. They show up prepared and ready to work hard, because they don’t take education for granted.

Students’ portion of tuition amounts to around $500 per year in Rwanda (dependent on Ubudehe level) and $250 per year in Burundi (please note that our Burundi campus is temporarily closed and will not have a January 2016 intake). A modest sum, this nonetheless imposes a significant financial burden. To alleviate this financial stress without taking away ownership over their future, the TDF allows students to attend now and pay later when they are employed and earning an income.[/one_half]

Benefits of the Tuition Deferment Fund

  • Enables talented students to attend now and pay later.
  • Practical, locally-tailored, and interest-free.
  • Innovative, inclusive, and based on social collateral.
  • Young women gain exposure to credit and financial products.
  • Timely and dependable flow of tuition payments ensures Akilah’s financial stability.

How It Works

  • Students in all 3 academic years are eligible.
  • Applicants can defer up to 70% of tuition.
  • Borrowers pay below-market service fees.
  • Balance is due in increments over 2 years following graduation.
  • Grace periods are available for graduates who need more time to launch their careers.

I’m Ready! How Do I Help?

Our goal is to raise $1 million to fully fund the program by December 2015, after which the fund will be self-sustaining: the repayments of Akilah alumnae will defer the tuition of current students. Join us by investing in this effort. Every dollar donated towards the Tuition Deferment Fund (TDF) will be matched, dollar for dollar, for a total $1 million.

Invest in women’s financial inclusion. Contact to contribute to the TDF.